logo2008 Cookie Run

Alvin mixing it up
Once again the USS Onizuka has done an outstanding job in delivering cookies to our resident Firemen and Law Enforcement Officers in our region of space. We had some changes to make due to the plans of several of our members to be out of the area for the Christmas celebration this year. After due consideration we decided to do the firemen and the policemen at Thanksgiving. This became a monumental task surrounding the bake-off. Normally we bake approximately 60 dozen cookies for the Firemen and at Christmas we bake approximately 25 dozen cookies for the Chico Police, Butte County Sheriff’s and the Highway Patrol office in Chico. One solution to solve this daunting task was to purchase smaller trays/bowls this year (sorry, guys) and spread the cheer around. When it was over we baked over 71 dozen cookies (that’s over 850 cookies!) and split them among all the destinations we had planned.

We arrived at the Casa De Flores Community Room kitchen ready to bake. Vicki and I had made up several cookie dough’s the night before. When we entered the kitchen, the first thing done was to wash our hands and then to turn on the oven. Once the oven reached the proper temperature, the first two baking sheets went into the oven, and a steady rhythm developed as the day wore on.

Cookie sheets in and out all day as we continued to make our cookie dough while waiting the “ding!” of the timer-which died halfway through the day leading to some “accidents”.accidents

I won’t point fingers but we know who you are…

On Tuesday, we had to clean up by 4 o’clock, as the park had Bingo that night at 6 p.m. and they needed the kitchen. The next day we had all day to finish of baking, and we were there until 8 p.m. We were tired and aching, but elated. We had done it once again.

On Thanksgiving Day, Vicki and I awoke early, got dressed and then began the process of filling this year’s cookie bowls and putting the finishing touches on them. After filling, each bowl was wrapped with colored cling wrap and several gift bows were put on them. Then we began to deliver them. We had nine fire stations, 6 Chico Municipal stations and 3 Butte County stations as well as the Chico Police Department, Butte County Sheriff’s substation and the Highway Patrol office. It was 2 ½ hours later that we finished, picked up our boys and headed to Hometown Buffet for our own Thanksgiving Day Feast, secure in the knowledge that we had succeeded in spreading some cheer around the city once again.