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Date Launched: April 25, 1992
Date Commissioned: February 21, 1993
Time since commissioning:
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Brief History of the USS Onizuka:

The Onizuka was launched as the meeting chapter "Shuttlecraft Onizuka" in Chico, California, affiliated with the (then STARFLEET) chapter "USS Defiance" out of Sacramento, California, on April 25th, 1992. She was commissioned as a full independent chapter of STARFLEET just 10 months later, on February 21, 1993. Her crew compliment increased from the minimum original five to over 70 at the commissioning ceremony in upper Bidwell Park in Chico. All crew members at that time were awarded the status of "Plank Holder".

The crew remained at it's impressive level through most of Star Trek: The Next Generation's remaining seasons, having three mall-style conventions (an idea borrowed from the USS Defiance) during that time with guests such as Robert Wise and Grace Lee Whitney.

Partly due to the end of ST:TNG and the lesser success of following franchise offerings, partly due to burn-out of those who had volunteered in leading the club and conventions, the USS Onizuka had a major drop of membership around 2000 dropping from it's original 70+ to between 10-20 members, where it has remained to present. Due to this, club events had to be scaled back-we could no longer have conventions, there just wasn't enough of us. We shifted to service event that our smaller club could still handle - volunteering at various charity and service organizations around Butte County, and showing our appreciation to those who serve during the holidays that the rest of us may remain safe by delivering plates of cookies to firefighters & law enforcement.

About 2005, the USS Onizuka had to make another transition. Chico is a great place to live, but is also populated by those attending CSU, Chico. Therefore, Chico is a short term home for them who, once graduated, have to find work elsewhere. We had a good core group of members, but over half had moved away from Chico out of necessity. And out of necessity the Onizuka transformed itself into a correspondence chapter.

Chico remains the USS Onizuka's home for now (with "correy" chapters, home is where the club CO lives), and we are still working on transitioning completely to "correy" operations (unlike our ship, the officer's & crew hardly ever work at warp speed). We all have lives outside the club and, as a result are quite relaxed in what we do. We try to concentrate on having fun and occasionally helping out where we can.

And this club isn't just for Trek fans. Whatever your interest: Star Trek, Star Wars, Bab 5, LotR, furry - we have room for you. If this sounds like a ship you might be interested in, contact us. (After all, it gets kind of stressful at times running a Galaxy-class ship with only 20 crew :) )

Col. Christopher J. Brownlee
Executive Officer (Vice President) & resident furry

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