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We are a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy Star Trek, Star Wars, Fantasy and Science-fiction in general. We organized as a community-service organization and take part in various community fundraising events, volunteering time at various local charities, and keeping alive Gene Roddenberry’s dream of a great future.

As a correspondence chapter of Starfleet: The International Star Trek Fan Association, a worldwide group of similar individuals, we promote the sort of society envisioned in the Television series and feature films; a world without prejudice, fear, starvation and education for all citizens, with opportunity for all. Correspondence or Correy groups provide wonderful avenues for any fleet member. Whether you are out in the boonies, schedule too hectic, or enjoy hanging out on the net, correy groups can provide an outlet for your energy and spark your imagination. Most activities take place online, including (for most) receiving our monthly newsletter by email, but we also sometimes have local (Chico, California, USA) events such as our annual Cookie Runs for firefighters and law enforcement officers during the holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas).

Join us and help make the future a bright one for everyone!

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