About the U.S.S. Onizuka

The USS Onizuka is named in recognition and remembrance of Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka. Lieutenant Colonel Onizuka was a mission specialist on STS 51-L which launched from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, at 11:38:00 EST on January 28, 1986. The STS 51-L crew died when Challenger exploded 11 min. 13 sec. after launch.

A Commanding Officer (CO) and an Executive Officer (XO) lead USS Onizuka. This is the equivalent of President and Vice President and are, with the addition of our Records Officer, our three elected positions. The Commanding Officer appoints all other posts.

Every member can earn a rank--if the member chooses--and receive promotions for participation in their local Chapter, Regional or Fleet level. When members get involved more actively at the Chapter, they can be promoted through the ranks to Captain; Regional, or Fleet level participation can confer ranks like Commodore or Admiral.

In the past, we have hosted mall-based conventions, have supported local charities with fundraising events, and a long-time tradition continues each year during the holiday season as we bake cookies for distribution on Thanksgiving and Christmas to those in Public Service (Law Enforcement & Firefighters) who must work on those days, to show our appreciation for their dedication and difficult work.

We publish a monthly newsletter, the Onizuka Haiku, which is distributed via e-mail. We have a web page, www.ussonizuka.com and a Discord Channel (https://discord.gg/EtNbf994) We also encourage members to have fun through creating art and writing fan fiction for the Haiku. Some have fictional personas to use in RPG activities.

We hope to soon welcome you as a member of the crew!

Captain Alvin Rupp

Commanding Officer

USS Onizuka NCC 71815

Region 4, Starfleet